Partner Spotlight

Young Marketing Group Realty Executives

Since his time as a UT student, R.J. Duncan has had historic preservation on his mind. Upon graduating, R.J. moved out of state and travelled extensively for work. “Although being away was hard, Knoxville kept close at hand,” he shared. “In any of the 24 other states I found myself in, strangers spoke of Tennessee and specifically East TN with familiarity. An unexpected perspective, maybe you have encountered while away: our hometown is a place of meaning, of significance, a place in the minds of people scattered as far as the wind. Therefore, it is a place worth preserving. Knoxville, our surrounding towns and hills and mountainsides, has left impressions all over. There is both a wildness and a wild sophistication worth tending to here.”

R.J eventually returned to Knoxville, this time with his wife, Meggie, a Nashville native. Now a Buying and Listing Specialist with Young Marketing Group Realty Executives, R.J. encouraged the organization to join Knox Heritage as a business member. R.J. currently serves on the Knox Heritage Advocacy & Engagement Committee and enjoys working with “all of the professionals and volunteers who join hands to keep Knoxville a beautiful place for generations ahead.” Preserving Knoxville for future generations has been on R.J.’s mind for good reason. “Our son, Jack, was born in February, so the future feels imminent. We want to raise him grounded with a healthy reverence for and connection to the past. History is often a far-off sort of thing until we stand there. Keeping those ‘theres’ here, in our community, is without a doubt why Knox Heritage exists.”

Young Marketing Group Realty Executives began in 2018 with three team members and within the past four years, the team has grown to 12 members with no sign of slowing. YMG emphasized that since the beginning, it has always been their goal to help as many clients as possible in their pursuit of buying and selling real estate. “To us, everything matters from the very first showing all the way to the closing table. Our utmost desire is for our clients to walk away from their transaction thinking ‘Wow, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be!’”

“Through our partnership with Knox Heritage, we hope to continue their mission of spreading awareness and encouraging folks from near and far to take care of this city that takes such great care of all of us.”

Thank you, Young Marketing Group Realty Executives, for your support of historic preservation through Knox Heritage! Learn more about Young Marketing Group Realty Executives here.