Partner Spotlight

Tobias Kight, Realtor

Knoxville is my home! I’m Tobias Kight, and I’m a realtor, craftsman, family man, gardener, lover of historic properties, and passionate about everything that I’m involved in. The bulk of my experience is in construction, rehab, and renovations which influenced my love for historic properties. Fast forward to 5 years ago when I decided to become a realtor to help satisfy my addiction to original woodwork, stone and wood exteriors, rich smells, Queen Anne architecture, and all the character that makes you wonder how a place was built.

I believe that historic homes have their own voices that tell a story about past owners, maintenance or remodels, happy humidity, sad squeaks and cracks, previous guests, and most importantly, future dreams. I joined Knox Heritage because I believe that they hear and care about all the voices, too, especially the yells of future dreams. So, two years ago, I became a member of Knox Heritage to help encourage Knoxville to be more aware of how significantly history and preservation affects our future.

If you enjoy experiencing mental fireworks when seeing an arched door, slate stone, mahogany,  or ‘after’ pictures of historic properties that were condemned but are now masterpieces for all, then Knox Heritage should be your hero. The community is so welcoming for anybody who wants to stand up for the voices and dreams of historic properties. I will continue volunteering and standing tall with Knox Heritage. Do you hear voices too?”