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Protect historic properties from demolition and inappropriate renovations in perpetuity.


What is a preservation easement?

A preservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a property owner (easement donor) and a qualified preservation organization (easement holder) that protects a significant historic, archaeological, or cultural resource by giving the easement holder certain rights and responsibilities associated with perpetual protection. The easement does not prevent future sales, leases, or estate planning, and the property owner remains responsible for maintenance and taxes.

Is Knox Heritage a qualified easement holder?

Yes. As a nonprofit organization with a mission focused on historic preservation, Knox Heritage is qualified to accept and hold preservation easements. Our organization currently holds preservation easements on several historic structures including Giffin School, the Eugenia Williams House, the Alexandra Inn, and the Airplane Filling Station.

I'd like to donate a preservation easement to Knox Heritage. Who do i contact for more information?

For more information about preserving your historic property, please contact Hollie Cook at hollie@knoxheritage.org or (865) 523-8008 ext. 3.

The National Trust also has a very helpful summary of preservation easements.